History Of Elberta Crate

  Elberta Crate and Box  has been producing quality wirebound crates since 1905. Having stood the test of time and innovation, we  know the importance of service and quality . We have  produced a variety of crates in the last 100  plus years  servicing the produce , fish, industrial and military industries.


We have 2 manufacturing facilities located in Georgia and North Carolina and provide packaging as well as agricultural and forest related products to practically the entire United States and our neighboring countries.



In the past decade, the company has enjoyed a heightened interest in the natural and green properties inherent to our product. Wirebound boxes are indeed reusable and are made from carbon neutral plantation-grown pine and fast growing hardwoods, and do not contain any fossil hydrocarbons. “Sustainability”, a common word in today’s industrial vocabulary, has been Elberta’s consistent practice for over a century, and is a key reason we succeed today.