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Military Wirebound Ammo Crates

Elberta Crate & Box has decided to re-enter its product line of military ammo crates to our former customers. This product line will be expanded in due course to encompass 40 mm, 60 mm, 81 mm, & 120 mm mortar ammunition.


Current Types of ammo crates available are:




                              a.   Drawing #7553347, Rev. AE

                              b.   NSN =8140-00-078-8969.




                              a.   Drawing #5581378, Rev AA

                              b.   NSN = 8140-00-891-6322




                              a.   Drawing #12590218, Rev. C

                              b.   NSN = 8140-01-359-1594


Samples are available upon request in accordance with Mil Specs PPP-B-585 & Mil-DTL-46506.

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